I am starting a New Political Party for a New Canada.

Many years ago I voted for Liberals and then Conservatives and then the NDP and for what. I voted for Corrupt Politicians that I did not know were corrupt.

I also supported the Quebec Separation Movement in my younger years and for that the Federal Government persecuted me to no end.

When I was a Political Writer and a Reporter I was attacked by the same Politicians that I voted for. I later found out that Freedom of Speech does not exist in Canada and that Freedom of Speech is Controlled by the same criminals we put in power.

The same Criminal Politicians continued seeking revenge against me for not just a day or a week or a month but this Illegal Political Persecution continued for decades and decades and decades.

In the early 90’s before the Internet when I announced that I was going to run for Prime Minister of Canada then I received regular beatings by the RCMP and the local police agencies on orders of the Prime Minister of Canada.

I was framed like no other man.

It’s amazing how much crap a Corrupt Government Employee or a Corrupt Dirty Police Officer on the take can do by entering lies on a Computer about a Political Candidate like myself.

I put up with beatings after beatings after murder attempts after murder attempts that was ordered by the Previous Prime Ministers and Politicians.

Every bone in my body was broken by the Cops that swore to Protect and Serve. But the question is WHO did they swear to Protect and Serve? It sure was not the average Canadians and nor was it a Political Candidate which I was at the time.

My wife Annette and I fled Canada in 2002 to stay alive. We fled to the United States with “THE WHITE HOUSE” permission and Former President George W. Bush’ permission.

We were forced to live in our car for 4 years because the American Government refused to help. YES, my fellow Canadians, we suffered like no other.

Perhaps it was God’s way of showing me what others go through. Perhaps it was God’s way of showing me that Other Canadians were persecuted by the Courts, Provincial Governments, Federal Governments or by Dirty Cops on the take.

I have seen it all and I have lived it all.

One murder attempt on my life that was caused by 3 members of the RCMP and 1 City Cop left me for dead. I had every bone in my body broken by orders of a former Prime Minister of Canada.

I saw Corrupt Courts and Corrupt Judges all on the take, ordered to destroy me, like no other.

I was left to die by my own Government. YES, I am talking about the Canadian Government.

My wife Annette and I have been happily married for over 17 years and because my beautiful wife married me, she too became a Political Target.

I have walked in so many shoes.

Annette Martini, my beautiful wife and I, lived legally in the United States of America for over 11 years.

Yes, the Canadian Politicians and the RCMP did not forget us and they worked with the American Government to force us back to Canada to finish me off.

Have I gone Crazy you asked? Not at all. I have the evidence and the proof.

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper illegally worked with the United States Government to force us back to Canada. BUT FOR WHAT?

On October 23, 2012 Annette and I were kidnapped from California and I was taken to the High Desert and physically tortured for an entire year. I suffered my 5th Heart Attack by my kidnappers who were Corrupt American Government Employees.

On September 18, 2013, we were forced back to Canada in handcuffs and Former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird ordered us back to Canada against our wishes.

I was promised that I would not be Politically Persecuted again and that no harm will come to my wife Annette and I.

I was also promised that Canada will give my wife Annette Martini and I,  all of our Identification Papers including a Passport, SIN, Drivers License and Medical Card.

Well, to be honest with all fellow Canadians, I have never met an Honest Politician in Canada and that is the real truth.

Over 2 years later, Canada refuses to issue us any Identifications, any passports, any Drivers License, any Photo Identifications of any kind and the Province refused us 9 times to give us any Medical coverage of any kind.

I warned the Former Minister of Foreign Affairs that I will run for Prime Minister and so now it is official.

Over the next few months, I will be setting up a new Political Party in Canada and YES, I Anthony Martini will be Leader of this New Political Party.

I am over qualified to be a Prime Minister and there will be so many new Changes in Canada and all for the Good.

Example of some other changes will be to totally break away from United Kingdom, or Britain, or England or Great Britain or whatever they call themselves in the future.

A total break away from the Queen.

While many Canadians who remembered Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau giving us EXPO 67 and thought we finally broke away from England well, lets say, Pierre Elliot Trudeau lied to all Canadians.

As a Prime Minister of Canada, I will remove the Queen from our Canadian Currency replacing her face with the faces of our Prime Ministers.

As Prime Minister of Canada, I will bring back the pennies and also will be replacing our Plastic Cartoon Money with Paper Money.

As Prime Minister of Canada, I will make sure that every Canadian has a JOB.

As Prime Minister of Canada, I will make sure that every law in Canada is re-written to protect every Canadian. I will make sure that Criminals that break our laws are severely punished with longer Jail Sentences.

As Prime Minister of Canada, I will label the Women’s Movement in Canada as a Terrorist Organization that do more harm to our Children and to the Innocent Fathers and I will abolish the Women’s Movement in Canada.

Any mother that kidnapped their child will be arrested and prosecuted. NO Parent have any rights to kidnap a child and conceal them from another parent.

The Family Laws in Canada will be all unified and there will be ONLY one Family Law for all Canadians.

There will no longer be any parent receiving FULL CUSTODY of a Child.

There will be no cities permitted to conceal a child and no shelters will be able to conceal the kidnapper and the child.

The Women’s Shelter was abused by the system, the RCMP, and the Women’s Movement.

The Police will be the only ones operating the Women’s Shelters.

There will be tough laws to protect women from violence, rape and death threats but at the same time there has to be a protection for the men that are wrongfully accused of crimes where there is no evidence of any kind.

Any person that lies to the Court will receive the minimum of 10 Years in Prison.

Non Profit Organizations will be monitored on a regular basis and all Missing Children Organization like Child Find of Canada will be abolished and the owners of all franchises will be prosecuted for fraud, theft and misleading the public.

How do I know? I investigated many of these fake organizations that only have photos of American Children in Canada and NONE OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS have ever found any children. This is suppose to be the sole job and responsibility of the POLICE.

The RCMP in Canada will be permanently Abolished and all Police in Canada will fall under the Federal Government and be run by the Federal Government. There will be no City Police or Provincial Police.

By merging all Police in Canada this will reduce the crimes by Police Departments. It will stop some Police Departments from Selling Drugs to our Children and it will be a better system for the honest Police Officers.

By merging all Police under a new Police operated by the Federal Government it will benefit the Police Officers. Example: a Police Officer living in Prince Edward Island (PEI) would be able to move to British Columbia and receive the same pay and keep his/her seniority without ever losing any pay or starting from the bottom of the ladder.

The RCMP are responsible for 10’s of thousands of Children disappearing each year. The RCMP are responsible for all the kidnapping in Canada because the RCMP protect the women’s movement and receive a huge kickback from the Women’s Movement.

How do I know? I had 2 of my daughters that were kidnapped and the RCMP were totally useless and totally disobeyed all Court Orders.

The RCMP are responsible for putting massive drugs on our streets and killing our children.

How do I know all of this, you ask? Don’t forget I was a Private Investigator and a Reporter and I investigated it all. That is another reason why the RCMP made my life a living hell and now it is time to put those involved behind bars for a life time and to totally abolish the RCMP.

As a Prime Minister of Canada, I will force the CRTC to suspend the License of CTV News and their Affiliates and suspend the license of MAGIC 100, and the Ottawa Citizen for their involvement in persecuting me, many years ago and writing lies in their papers and reporting slanderous remarks on their Radio Station and TV Stations.

Those reporters from CBC Canada that edited a tape will be all fired and arrested for their involvement in persecution and slander.

At the same time, as a Prime Minister, it will be time to close down CBC Radio Canada and CBC Television as they are an extreme liability and not a money Making Government Agency.

I warned the Canadian Government that if I am FORCED Back to Canada where I was made permanently physically disabled that I will run for Prime Minister of Canada and create a NEW CANADA.

As Prime Minister of Canada, I will label all Scottish Rites, Freemasons, Inns of Court, the Orange Order and all Secret Societies as a Terrorist Organization and I will order all its members to be tried as Terrorists.

These Secret Societies and their members were the ones that physically tortured me for many years and tried to murder me and stole all of my money, operating illegally under the Canadian Flag.

The Canadian Border will be closed until those that were involved in my physical torture and kidnapping myself and my wife are handed over to the International Courts.

It is time that Canada STOPS giving away our Natural Resources to the United States of America and it is time that all trade will end with the United States of America.

While some might disagree with me, closing the borders with the United States like businesses that deal with the United States,  as a Prime Minister, I will make sure that all businesses that are dealing with the United States have a new Country, to sell their products, Agriculture, Resources to other Countries.

As a Prime Minister of Canada, I will finally end Canada being the Canadian Puppet of the United States and end all ties with the United States.

After all, the majority of Americans hate Canadians. Trust me, we lived in the United States for over 11 years and we only received hate crimes against us because we were from Canada.

As a Prime Minister of Canada, I will make sure that Canada will never again support any American Wars and nor will Canada ever go to War or fight alongside the Americans.

As a Prime Minister, I will protect the Canadian Agriculture and I will also protect the Canadian Farmers.

As a Prime Minister, I will protect all Canadian Businesses and I will end the American Businesses that killed all Canadian Jobs.

What the heck were Politicians smoking anyways or how much kickback did they receive?

Years ago, most schmuck Politicians allowed American companies to storm in here like Walmart or Target or Costco that killed millions of Canadian Jobs.

These Yankee Companies killed millions and millions of Canadian Jobs and destroyed our economy. All Canadians hard earned money is going South of the Border. As a Prime Minister, I will end these big Companies in Canada.

Here is an example on how these big companies killed all Canadian Companies and killed Millions of Canadian Jobs.

Across Canada, years ago, there were over 1 million Computer Stores from coast to coast. Then some Politician’ hand got greased and opened the door to Walmart, an American Company. Soon Walmart greased many Canadian Politicians, including local Politicians and now there is a Walmart in every city and every corner. In a Small city where I reside, I can see 5 Walmart Stores.

These Walmart stores did not create millions of jobs but only thousands of jobs BUT they killed millions and millions of jobs.

Therefore, as a Prime Minister, I will add 30-40% taxes on all American Companies that operate in Canada and if they do not like it, well, they can take a hike across the border.

As for Businesses, I will make Federal Government Funds Available to all Businesses and especially Small Businesses with loans.

As for the Construction and Housing Market, I will make sure that every person who works in Canada can afford to buy a house with a no interest down payment Loan from the Federal Government.

The United States will spend over 10 billion dollars to make sure I never become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

All Canadian Politicians from all Canadian Parties will go on full attack and all I have to say is bring it on because I have all the Evidence to backup everything I say and backup my story which is a True Story of Political Persecution, Political Torture and Attempted Political Assassination.

It is time that all Canadians unite with One Voice and stand behind me and support me for a New Canada, an Independent Canada.

It is time that we as Canadians stand up and tell our Government, Enough is Enough.

I will be the Voice of the New Canada.

I will be the Voice of all Canadians and I will represent every Canadian.

As a Prime Minister of Canada,  I will totally ban all drugs in Canada and I will remove any Laws that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signs, relating to marijuana. I will not let our Prime Minister change Canada to Potville Canada. Nor will I allow a Politician to continue killing Canadians with Drugs.

A New Political Party for a New Canada that serves all Canadians.

I am Anthony Martini, a Political Candidate for Prime Minister of Canada for 2019.

Support me, so I can support you.


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