My Vision For A New Canada

You have seen all other Political Party Leaders’ Lies.

You have seen our country becoming Potville Canada, thanks to Our Leaders and Politicians who are Potheads themselves.

You have seen our Leaders steal our future and kill our Jobs.

You have seen our Natural Resources being given away to United States.

You have seen our Politicians and Prime Ministers lie to us and sell our Jobs to the United States.

You have seen our future diminishing before our eyes.

You have seen our Politicians stealing from us hard working Citizens and increasing our deficit with
no care in the world and no accountability.

You have seen our Politicians take us to fight United States Illegal Wars.

You have seen our Leaders, our Politicians, Our Prime Minster, destroy Canada within.

You have seen our Politicians and Prime Ministers not giving a hoot about what we as Canadians think
and they do what they want.

You have seen our Politicians and Leaders of Political Parties throw away our tax dollars and again there never was any accountability to their illegal actions.

You have seen drugs kill our children and decades and decades later our politicians failed to protect our children.

I have seen it all and enough is enough.

A New Canada with a New Prime Minister is what we need.

Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and the Block Party, all let us down for Decades upon Decades as long as
I can remember and beyond.

Imagine a Prime Minister that will answer the phone once a week from a Canadian.

Imagine a New Canada with our own sovereignty. A total Separation from United Kingdom and from the
Queen and a total Independent Country with Quebec never talking about separation.

Imagine Canada stopping the giving of a huge undisclosed amount of money to the Queen of England or Queen of the United Kingdom or Queen of Great Britain. This is ONLY a huge Welfare Check that is given to the Queen every month.

Enough is enough.

The Late Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau lied to us in Expo 67 making all Canadians think that we broke away from England at that time. What a liar he was.

I will make sure that Canada finally seeks full Independence from the Queen, from the U.K. or GB or England or whatever they want to call themselves.

I would rather see former Prime Ministers’ pictures on the Canadian Money except the Queen of England.

Imagine every Canadian working and Unemployment going to zero percent.

Imagine Canada never again being the Puppet of the United States and never again going to Illegal Wars with the United States.

Imagine Free Universities for all Canadians.

Imagine Free Dental.

Imagine Tougher Laws against Drunk Drivers.

Imagine Tougher Laws against Drug Dealers.

Imagine a Country you will be proud to live in and never again be ashamed of Canada.

Imagine the Senior Citizens receiving a 30% increase in their monthly checks.

Imagine those lazy Canadians that love a free welfare check for life, being forced back to work.

Imagine those that are Disabled receiving a 30% increase every month.

Imagine poverty in Canada being eliminated.

Imagine Politicians being held accountable for wasting our tax money and stealing our money.

Imagine Free Day Care for working Parents.

Imagine the Deficit that these Criminal Politicians put us in being wiped clean and forever.

Imagine Canada again being a well respected Country.

Imagine Canada breaking off from the United Nations and forming a New Global Nations outside of the United States of America excluding the United States of America.

After all Canada created the United Nations and it is time that Canada dismantles the United Nations
because the United States is stealing trillions of dollars from the United Nations. Even the UNHCR that is suppose to protect Political Refugees is raising Trillions of Dollars and putting it in the pockets
of Secret Societies. They do not help the people and they do not help Political Refugees.

How do I know?

I investigated the UNHCR big times to know it is the world’s largest Scam Organization.

Imagine All Judges in Canada being replaced with Clean Judges.

Imagine New Laws for Drunk Drivers. (First Offense 2 Years in Prison and License suspended for 7 years.)

(Second Offense 5 years in Prison and License suspended forever.)

Any Drunk Driver that causes death will be charged for murder and receive a life sentence with no chance of parole.

Imagine New Laws to protect our children from kidnappers, including parental kidnappers.

Imagine More Money available to Small Businesses and less Red Tapes.

Imagine more New Home Construction and Down Payment Loan available from the Federal Government for first time home buyers.

Imagine ZERO Personal Taxes for those who earn less then $30,000.00 per year.


YES! YES! YES! YES! and more!!

If we stop our Politicians and Prime Ministers and Provincial Governments wasting our tax dollars and stop them from stealing our tax dollars, then all of this could and would be achieved.

Actually, the formula is very easy and I am not talking about increasing taxes.

Canada is a wealthy Country but for decades and decades our Prime Ministers and Politicians have been stealing our tax dollars and giving it to their friends who are all members of the Secret Societies, like the Freemasons, Scottish Rites, Inns of the Court, the Orange Order or the Loyal Orange Lodge, etc.

I will put an end to this and make sure that any Politician whether City Politician, Provincial Politician or Federal Politician are arrested and charged and held accountable.

I will make it illegal for Politicians to award contracts to their friends.

I will make sure that every Contract even Construction Contracts are all open Bids and have 100%
Transparency and open to the Public.

There is one Province that awarded a Contractor, Contracts for the past 65 years to pave City and Provincial Roads.

However, the Contractor who won the contract was the highest bid, stealing from the Province and from hard working Canadians and the Contractor was giving major kick backs to the Politicians that awarded them the over inflated Contracts to their friends and the Contract Company or the Paving Company are members of the Freemasons.

I will make sure that every Politician in Canada are NOT members of the Freemasons or Scottish Rites or any other Secret Societies that have been stealing Canadian Tax Dollars for the past few hundred years.

I will make sure that every tender and every contract will be open and available for all taxpayers to see.

I will also create a new system in Canada.

For example, major decisions should NOT be left to our Politicians.

I believe that there should be Electronic Voting on Major Issues, example, going to war or sending billions of dollars to a country that does not care or wasting tax dollars on programs that are useless or wasting tax dollars on organizations that are not for the people.

I believe in a Total Open Government and a Government that represents every man, woman and child in Canada and a Government for the people and not against the people.

I believe that Canadians should pay about .50 per liter of gas ($2.00 per gallon).

My Vision of a New Canada is to take away some powers from the Provinces as they have abused their citizens far to long.


All Courts in Canada will be controlled by the Federal Government and NOT by the Provincial Government or Municipal Government.

New Laws for all Provinces which is One Law for all Canadians.

Tougher Laws against Rapists, Child Molesters, Parental Kidnappers, Physical Spousal Abuse.

Other Tough Laws will be for those who Break and Enter into People’s Homes or Businesses or Automobiles will automatically receive a 5 year Sentence for their 1st offense.

New Family Laws Nation Wide that will be one Family Law for all Canadians.

There will be no more Sole Custody given in Canada.

Any person that deprives a parent of access to a child will receive 5 years in Prison. (except when signed by a Judge when a child’s safety is at risk.)

The RCMP will be totally abolished and all of their illegal funds and stolen money will be taken away.

While some might think that the RCMP is doing a great Job in Canada, I say different.

Each year there are over 10,000 parental kidnappings going on in Canada. 99.2% of all Parental Kidnappers are the Mothers. The women’s Movement have been paying the RCMP to shut up and therefore the RCMP have been guilty of Obstruction of Justice for decades.

The Majority of Kidnappers that are Mothers, kidnap their Child(ren) to receive a Free Welfare Check for 18 years to life and that is the real truth.

The Women’s Movement are illegally involved in assisting Mothers to Kidnap a Child. The women’s movement are illegally involved in concealing a child and also the Women’s movements are responsible for obstruction of justice, forcing the mothers to commit perjury against the father.

The Women’s Movement are responsible for the theft of Billions and Billions of Tax Payers Money each year.

I will prosecute those who are responsible in the Women’s Movement.

The Law is suppose to protect children from being kidnapped but it does not because the enforcers are NOT enforcing the law. The RCMP has divided one Law into two Laws which discriminates against the fathers. One law for the mothers and one law for the fathers.

The Law clearly states that neither parent can deprive another parent of access to a child.

However the RCMP for decades have told the father that “IT’S A CIVIL MATTER’ when the Mother kidnaps the Child and when a father kidnaps a child then there is an arrest warrant for the father.

This will end.

The RCMP are also responsible for all the massive drugs in Canada.

By eliminating the RCMP I will form a Nation Wide Police Agency. All City Police and all Provincial Police will also be abolished.

There will be only one Police Force Nation Wide. This New Police Force will serve all Canadians and the Police Officers can move from one Province to anther Province without ever losing their seniority or suffer any decrease in their pay.

Imagine a New Canada with New Views, New Vision, a New Political Party, a New Better Future and a New Prime Minister that cares for every single Canadian and serves every Single Canadian.

Imagine a Better Canada, a Better Future in Canada and Better Laws to protect all Canadians and Better Laws to Prosecute all corrupt Politicians.

Join me to Form a New Canada and form a New Honest Government for the First Time in History to Serve all Canadians.

I am Anthony Martini, your Political Candidate for Prime Minister of Canada for 2019.