Anthony Martini and Annette Martini

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Anthony Martini Political Candidate For Prime Minister of Canada 2019 and his wife Annette Martini are FORCED to go into EMERGENCY EXILE to FRANCE.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, The Canadian Government and the Province of Ontario DENIED and DENIES an International and United Nations Constitution and ILLEGALLY DENIES the Basic Rights Of Citizenship.

Canada illegally stripped me out of my Canadian Citizenship in 1984 after I was at the wrong place and wrong time as a reporter in Caracas, Venezuela and I witnessed 3 Cops from the RCMP- Royal Canadian Mounted Police from the Canadian Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela Murdering and Executing an innocent man.

On December 25, 1984, The RCMP tried to Assassinate me at the Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida. The attempted murder on my life left me with a severe head injury. My memory went away and fell asleep from 1984-2012 (28 Years).

On February 17, 1985, The RCMP illegally stole all of my identifications and Passport and on that day Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney illegally stripped me out of my Canadian Citizenship without going to Court.

In 1998 when I met my wife, Annette Martini, Canada and Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien illegally stripped my wife out of her Canadian Citizenship without ever going to Court, even though my wife Annette Martini was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In 2012, Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper and Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird ordered an International kidnapping. My wife Annette Martini and I were LEGALLY residing in Costa Mesa, California, United States of America.

CANADA illegally used the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC and the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles, California, USA to conduct an International Kidnapping. Canada also ordered my wife and I to be tortured and I was Physically tortured on American Soil for 1 solid year and that is when my memory came back.

On Wednesday, September 18, 2013, my wife and I were illegally forced back to Canada against our will of which Canada was involved in an International Kidnapping.

Since then Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau REFUSED and Still Refuses to give us any identifications of any kind and the Province of Ontario also denied and still denies us Identifications and Medical.

I, Anthony Martini had NO Citizenship for 34 Years and I was illegally made STATELESS.

My Wife Annette Martini had NO Citizenship for 21 Years and my wife was illegally made STATELESS.

Canada and the Province of Ontario, Canada has VIOLATED all International Laws, Canadian Laws and United Nations Laws BY Denying us, Anthony Martini and Annette Martini the Legal Rights to have Identifications and Freedom. Canada and the Province of Ontario, Canada has denied us, Anthony Martini and Annette Martini identifications for OVER 5 Years which is a clear violation of all LAWS and GROSS Human Rights Abuse.

Canada and the Province of Ontario, Canada has illegally denied us the legal rights to work, collect taxes, pay taxes, receive Military Pension, receive Free Medical, Drivers Licenses, Passports and also Emergency Travel Documents were illegally denied.

We need your urgent help with donations so we can go into Emergency Exile to FRANCE.

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